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Posts tagged with ‘race’

  • Porsche 935/78 “Moby dick” Studio Shoots SET

    9 February 2017

    I did some studio rendering of the wonderful Porsche 935/78 racing machine, called also “Moby dick”.
    This car, the Porsche…

  • BMW M6 GT3 Studio Shoots SET2

    11 January 2017

    This is the second studio set that I’ve done about the Bmw M6 GT3.
    The BMW M6 GT3 is really…

  • Porsche 911 RSR (2014) Studio shoots

    9 December 2016

    Hi to everybody.
    Another Porsche, I know…But i really love Porsche and I love the Porsche 911 RSR too…waiting for…

  • Aston Martin Vulcan Studio shoots

    17 June 2016

    Hi to everybody.
    I’ve always loved the Aston martin cars….And of course, the first time I saw the “Vulcan”, it…

  • McLaren P1 GTR – Studio01

    7 October 2015

    This time i did a couple of renderings about this incredible Mclaren, the P1 GTR.
    This is the racing version…

  • Ferrari FXX K #2

    5 February 2015

    Hello to all of you. This is my second rendering about the wonderful Ferrari FXX K. As always, I…

  • Ferrari FXX K #1

    1 February 2015

    Hello to all of you.
    In this weekend i worked on the last race machine built by Ferrari: the FXX…